The Incognito Community Exchange is tailored towards telecommunication service providers and attending is complimentary if you are an employee of one. Registrants from Incognito partners and resellers, or industry vendors are required to pay a registration fee.

Telecommunication Service Provider

Incognito customers, telecommunication service providers, and not-for-profit industry organizations are invited to attend at no cost (outside of travel and accommodations). Join our discussion on key industry topics and learn more about utilizing our solutions.



Telecommunication Industry Vendor

Incognito partners, resellers and other industry vendors are invited to attend the conference for a small fee. You are also invited to invite your service provider contacts to join us – a $500 discount (max 2) is applied for each confirmed invitee.

USD $1,000.00

Complimentary USD $1,000.00

An invoice will be sent prior to the conference. This will include any discount applied from inviting service providers to ICE.